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Thom Solo

Get to know Thom Solo.

Thom Solo is a Boston Native. Thom Attended Museum of Fine Arts School, Boston. While in college, Thom developed a love for creating sculptures using different mediums. Trained by his college professor on creating wearable art, Thom took an immediate gravitation towards shoe design. Thom Solo launches shoe company ‘Thom Solo’ in 2008. The same year he launched his first private collection and was inspired by ‘femme fatale’ that included seductive edges, silk floral textures with high stems. Thom graduated Museum of Fine Arts School in 2012. In 2013 Thom launched his second private collection ‘GIGER’ this is inspired by HR Giger which included rounded edges, muted colors and smooth lines. In 2014 Thom became popular among the style icons and music influencers, that included Lady Gaga, Demi Lovato, Kelly Clarkson as well as featured in Britney Spears music video – Commissioned to recreate new versions of the ‘femme fatale’ collection. In 2016 Thom launches third private collection inspired by old Hollywood glamour, that includes sexy textures, vintage shapes, and luxurious embellishments. In 2017 the RTW collection is due to be released online and in select boutiques. The new collection is inspired by the darker side of fairytales that will feature unique designs, exotic skins and unusual structures.

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Museum of Fine Arts School, Boston